Meet The Team

Kevin Wan

Founder & CEO of Enhanced Investor

Kevin is the stock and crypto guru that started this chat room. He has over 7 years of trading experience and the results speak for themselves from the daily highlight plays and his account. His focus is on cryptocurrency, momentum stocks, and penny stocks. He is most famously known for turning an $8,000 ICO investment into 65 Bitcoin in profit which was valued at over $1.1 million during the time of occurrence.

Adam Wood

Chief Operations Officer

Adam is an expert in international infrastructure, trade, sustainability, and governmental relations. Amassing 15 years of unique time and place experience in India, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Egypt, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and Canada, Adam has managed projects for, or on behalf of, the U.S. government, as well as private and public entities worth over $1B USD. He has been recognized by President George W. Bush (Presidential Nomination 2004), and his socioeconomic and geopolitical advisements have followed former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Hank Paulson in global interviews. Adam has given presentations at Harvard University on the National Debt in the United States, International Trade and the US-Sino Deficit and the Remedies, and the FDIs Brightest Emerging Market (India). In addition to his role as COO with Enhanced Investor, Adam currently serves as the Vice President of Infrastructure Development for Veterans Venture and Economic Policy Advisor (United States) for the International Center for Emerging Markets Research. His policy framework has been recognized by the Harvard i-Lab, Amazon Web Services, and Tata Motors for a sustainable electrical grid infrastructure project in India. Adam is a high honors student at Harvard University (Economics and Government) and co-author of Regaining Global Stability After the Financial Crisis. Adam’s research interests are in banking, monetary and fiscal policy, and economic development, especially the role finance plays in it.

Jon Lepre

Lead Macroeconomic Analyst

Jon is currently a full-time graduate student at Harvard University. At Harvard, he sits on the Harvard Student Agencies investment board, where he manages the HSA endowment portfolio. Before starting as a Master’s Degree candidate at Harvard, he worked for Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income, Currency, & Commodities division with product specialization in Global Interest Rate Derivatives, ranging from vanilla swaps to exotic structured interest rate products. The desk also covered products including treasuries, mortgages, agency debt, credit, and repo. Prior to Goldman Sachs, Jon also held a position at J.P. Morgan in Equity Sales. His credentials additionally include a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration & Management degree, with a concentration in Finance, Accounting, and Economics.

Aaron Gose

Media Director and Trading Analyst

Aaron is a part time-trader focusing on medium term cryptocurrency and option plays. Like many traders, he is not able to monitor the markets all day so he has adjusted his strategy over the years for traders who work full time or go to school. Aaron also manages the website and all social media for Enhanced Investor, to bring video lessons, educational resources, and updated highlights from our team's expert Trading Analysts.

Bennett Tindle

Senior Trading Analyst

Bennett is a Senior Analyst here at Enhanced Investor. He is a full-time options & futures trader, with an emphasis on Oil, Gold & Natural Gas. With over a decade of market experience, he continues to provide consistent & reliable market analysis. In addition to intraday trading, he also manages long-term investment portfolios including retirements & IRAs. Prior to joining the Enhanced Investor team, Bennett was a church production coordinator & network engineer based out of California. He can be found in the Enhanced Investor Discord coaching members on risk management & trader psychology, as well as analyzing global economics & politics. When Bennett is not hard at work behind his workstation, he can be found traversing the skies of Texas in his Cessna. You can email Bennett anytime at [email protected]

Chris Mr_Sir

Trading Analyst

Chris is a part-time trader that specializes in momentum and scalp trading. Most of his trades are based on pure technicals that allow any and all new traders to become successful with momentum trading over time. He is working to get his Series 66 license by the end of the year and will follow-suit thereafter in getting his series 7 license.

Chris Wingfield

Trading Analyst

Chris is a self taught Trading Analyst with over seven years of experience focusing on Technical Analysis. Currently capitalizing on the volatility of the market by trading penny stocks and mid-caps, his focus for our team is to increase efficiency by alerting trades that maximize profit while minimizing risk. You can find Chris in the Enhanced Investor Discord teaching in depth Technical Analysis, alerting great plays, and answering questions.

Crypto-Knight (AKA Iggy)

Trading Analyst

Iggy is a Canadian CPA and Swing Trader with over 25 years of experience in the North American markets. He played the markets during the Dot-Com era, 9/11, and the financial crisis of 2008 and lived to tell about it. Iggy specializes in Technical Chart Analysis and Momentum trading.  He prepares the Daily Swing Watchlist, the Evening Newsletter and the Morning Newsletter.  Most of all, he enjoys teaching / mentoring new traders on how to profit from the markets regardless of whether we're in a bull or bear market.


Trading Analyst

Mike specializes in swing trades for penny stocks, mid-cap stock, and everything in between. His plays are based off his experience using technical analysis and following price action momentum. Members that do not have as much time to focus on day trading or are hampered by the PDT rules stand to benefit from his plays.


Trading Analyst

Having previously traded both Equities, and Options for 2+ years; Taylor has learned to study the market based on Technical Analysis. Using specific indicators, and recognizing chart patterns across the markets have assisted him in consistently profitable alerts to Enhanced Investor members. With similar techniques, Taylor dove head first into Cryptocurrencies, which has been his prime focus as of recent months. Taylor is one of the "always seems to be online" Analysts here at Enhanced Investor, and keeps his phone nearby to answer any questions or provide insight where requested, even while away from the computer.


Trading Analyst

Highstock is a day trader who gets in and out of plays quickly and cuts losses just as fast. You can find him recruiting new members to Enhanced Investor, working behind the scenes, and discussing stocks with the community.


Enhanced Investor Admin

Godfather focuses on trading momentum stocks and overnight plays. You can find him in the chat discussing technical analysis with our members in real time. He also moderates the chat with our other team members.



Why Enhanced Investor?

90% of traders lose 90% of their account within the first 90 days.

We are the 10%.  Many traders want to make an investment in the market and come out with a profit. However many are not willing to make an investment in their education and the proper tools necessary to succeed over time. At Enhanced Investor, we believe in teamwork. We guide and empower our members to dynamically navigate the market for the best picks, earlier than ever.

We are traders. Our traders touch all asset classes and styles; scalps to swings to long-term investments and equities to futures to options to Forex. We've got it. Join our ranks and be part of our growing community.  We plan our trades, trade our plans and never chase. We contribute ideas instead of following others. Together we can achieve a powerful community that consists of more winning traders than losers.

Our current members can vouch that we have continued to provide further value towards their membership.  There's no surprise that most of our members have been able to make their membership cost back within a small period of time.

If you're still not convinced, check out some of our team wins  in the past few months!  Not only are our professionals consistently spotting momentum plays, we have users who engaged in creating their own set ups according to their own trading styles!  Much to be learned here!


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