Enhanced Investor and Tradenet Partnership

We’ve teamed up with Tradenet to bring our members an exclusive 10% off funded account programs! The funded account program allows you to apply for a fully funded account up to $240,000 in value and keep up to 85% of the profits you make.

What is a funded account?

Tradenet has a close relationship with a investment firm(TEFS) which allows you to apply for a funded sub account. You can trade on the funded account with literally NO risk - you are using $0 of your own money. This is simply one of the best options for traders, I wish it was around when I was growing my account.

what’s the catch?

We had the same question. There is no “catch”. You keep up to 85% of the profits you make and you have to put up $0 for trading. It’s really that simple.

Not ready to purchase yet?

We worked with Tradenet to get our members who aren’t yet ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a program. You can try it for FREE for 5 days!