Here’s what I think about trade-ideas.  It’s an efficient system to find penny stocks and momentum stocks for day traders and swing traders.  If you have the proper settings enabled, you’ll be able to filter through the tens of thousands of companies available and focus your eyes down to the ones that matter, the ones that are running 50-100% or more on the day on high volume.

Not only this, but you’ll be able to filter out stocks that move in tandem with your own technical strategy.  

There are two variables that define what comes out of your scanner

The Filters

These are important.  Filters help us narrow the range of stocks that we are interested in down to a certain sub-group, or list.  If there are 4000 publicly traded companies, we can alter our filter to only display the stocks we’d like to be in our sub-group by certain   variables, including PPS or Shares Outstanding.  One commonly filtered variable is a stock’s Share Float.

EX: Stocks on NASDAQ between $10M Market Cap and $100M Market Cap

The Alerts

Once the stocks within our filtered list meet a certain criteria, those stocks are outputted to the list in real-time directly after the criteria is met.  This can be a stock making new highs, or even approaching it’s HOD by certain amount.  If we’d like to know whenever a stock crosses above VWAP by 3%, we can create this as an alert.

EX: $0.05/share away from HOD, or 5% cross below VWAP

Here’s the thing that I like the most about Trade-Ideas:

You can quickly insert your desired settings, or experiment with new variables directly after a trading day in which you saw desirable stocks move which you missed out on.  After you’ve completed your settings you can then backtest to see what stocks you picked up, and at what price you would have done so.  This in itself is magical in allowing us the ability to refine our scanner settings until we know that it catches a type of stock we know we’d be interested in, at a good price.

Let’s not forget that the market is constantly changing, and as the market changes, we must also refine our settings to match the market in order to find optimal set ups.

For example:

  • If most of the momentum stocks in the pump cycle are now at all time lows, extremely oversold, and being accumulated.  It’s good to tune our scanners to find reversals with momentum and volume. 
  • If the market is seeing a lot of gap up that fade out on low volume, it’s good to set our premarket scanners up to find these premarket gappers so we can potentially initiate a short position.
  • If the market is seeing sub $1 runners, we should optimize our scanners to look for a lower price range.
  • If the market is seeing activity in the Marijuana sector, we should optimize our scanners to scan for stocks within the Pink Sheets/OTC Markets

Do I receive anything through EI if I sign up for trade-ideas?

Yes! Sign up through us here, then use code ENHANCEDINVESTOR for 15% Off your subscription price.

Can I use trade-ideas or something similar for free?
There are ways to utilize the same strategy scanner as trade-ideas through brokers such as Etrade Pro, or Scottrade Elite if you have these brokers at your disposal.  I personally have used the integrated version through Etrade Pro and was extremely satisfied with my scanning results.  Trade-Ideas offers more flexibility and customization than the Etrade Integrated version

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