Small Investment Into A Considerable Sum Of Money


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I started hanging around Enhanced Investor on Discord back when we only traded stocks and I learned a lot about trading in general. But about 2 months ago I switched to only crypto and following not only the great calls from Kevin, Aaron, and Bennett, but also the fundamentals and discipline I learned here I was able to take a very small initial investment and turn into a considerable sum of money in a very short period.

I can’t wait to continue absorbing the knowledge here and keep growing my account in 2018.

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My Profits Pay For Enhanced Investor 93,000x Over

Slim K

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I started trading stocks when Snapchat dropped, and lost a lot of money. After searching the internet, the powers that be led me to Enhanced Investor. I quickly started gaining valuable lessons from traders that have been more experienced than myself then came across the crypto channels and my life changed. I can go on forever and ever how worthy this group has been for me.

I started off with an amount of $6,000 and now on Christmas morning, my portfolio is worth this much... my profits pay for EI 93 thousand times minimally!

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Learned More In The Past Two Months Than In A Year Of Trading On My Own


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I joined Enhaned Investor after a lot of frustration and a lot of losing trades. I was approaching everything the wrong way and just didn't quite know what i was doing wrong. I wasn't looking for someone to alert me when to buy and when to sell.... I wanted to be a better trader. I have learned more in the past two months with EI than in a year of trading on my own. This was all accomplished by being disciplined on my trades and following the guidance and calls of the Enhanced Investor Group. 


Spare Change To Life Changing Money


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When I️ first joined the Crypto Trading Community I️ didn’t know what to expect. The Crypto Trading Community was full of educational and news related articles. I️t turned out their was a lot more to Crypto Trading than just Bitcoin. I️ started seeing all of the Buy Alerts coming from the Senior Analysts and watched repeatedly time after time as the community joined discussion about the Alerts in Play. After learning so much from the community I️ decided to give it a shot. I️ took taken my Spare Change and multiplied I️t into Life Changing Money using the tools provided by the Crypto Trading community. This has been a life altering experience. And I️ find myself truly blessed to be part of such a motivating, friendly, money hungry community!

Built My Own Strategy


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I joined Enhanced Investor almost 6 months ago and started trading shortly after. I had no knowledge on the market, charts, strategies etc. I watched people in here and how they traded to learn and build my own strategy. I am happy I joined EI and found the swing chat. It has only been half a year and I'm excited to see what happens years from now


I Wouldn't Have Been Able To Take This Trip If It Wasn't For Enhanced Investor

Jon S.

Elite Gold Member

Haven't been able to trade this week because I'm on my honeymoon, but I wouldn't have been able to take this trip if it wasn't for EI. Within the first week of my trial I made back my losses from almost seven years of sporadic trading!

If anyone is questioning the worth being a member let me tell you there is no equal for information and education.. all it takes is your commitment. Cheers and thank you everyone here at Enhanced Investor.

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I Live A Comfortable Life And I'm Financially Free


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After joining this group a couple months ago, I was worried I'd never get out of the hole I got myself into. Then, I started learning, listening to Kevin and Mike, soon I found myself recovering from my losses, and being able to make $500-1000 a day on my Suretrader account. Pretty short and simple since this is on my phone, but basically now I am able to afford my dream car, live a comfortable life, and be financially free. 

I couldn't have done it without this group, all at the age of 20. Once again, thanks Ei team, y'all got a way with whispering to charts.


Infinite Amount Of Knowledge And Scripts Is Worth It


Elite Gold Member

At first I was skeptical paying for Elite Gold, but I realized that a few hundred dollars for infinite amount of knowledge and scripts is worth it because a newbie investor like me could lose that much blindly in one stupid trade since I had no idea what I was doing.

I recommend this chat room to anyone on the fence, be apart of the family and make money and gain knowledge on a daily basis.


This Is The Result


Elite Gold Member

Before I joined I was losing more than 50% of my profile. After joining Kevin and his team I've learn to better myself as a trader. This is the result of what I've learned and accomplished.

We all are here to work together and make bank as one. Everyone here is friendly and it's a safe environment for any trader to learn. Whether your a new or experienced Enhanced Investors is the place to be.

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