Investing In Initial Coin Offerings - TRON: TRX review

My first ICO (initial coin offering) investment was made on TRON (TRX)  For about $8K USD in Ether, or 20.77 ETHER during this time.  I was able to retrieve 4,258,465 TRX.  I'm thinking the ICO will somehow start in the cents, and try and push it's way to the $1 mark.  That would be a very interesting occurance.  The platform has access to over 10 million users which is enough of an audience to promote this coin to once it goes live. 

ren ren ICO.PNG

To say the least, it did not take long for this ICO to sell out.

Tron 2.PNG

Equity Momentum Amidst Mid-August

Timing The Bottom: SNAP

We had 3 phenomenal plays this week.  For the 3rd week of August, we've been able to catch SNAP from our entry @ $12.50 all the way up to $14.90 here for those who are into swinging trades and lower sized risk.  The allowing of investors to sell after the lock-up has driven price to an oversold point, where the whales picked up cheap shares $11.90 - $12.50.   Now price is being driven up towards an uptrend as news states "Facebook younger users are migrating to Snapchat."

SNAP Alert Entry.PNG

Here you can see SNAP reaching $14.90 highs with no movement below our entry, providing very minimal risk.

SNAP draft.PNG

A Late Entry, 40% Profit Potential: ARCI

ARCI was a late find as it'd already been up 100%. However, I did a quick analysis of the tap (level 2) and the volume that was coming and decided we were good to go for at least another 20%.  Later, price reaches $1.75 from my $1.26 alert - providing teammates 40% profif potential on this play

 At this point, the stock was already up 100%, but I saw continued momentum.

At this point, the stock was already up 100%, but I saw continued momentum.

ARCI Entry Alret.PNG
ARCI  draft 1.PNG

300% Profit Potential Play: RTNB

Although showing no signs of premarket action on it's second day following reversal confirmation - huge volume came in and broke previous highs of $1.75.  The short sale restriction placed on this stock gave bulls a chance as bears were restricted from pushing the price down on the bid - combined with volume, further intensified into a momentum move that was created by little resistance on a low float, high volume, oversold stock.

RTNB Draft 1.PNG
RTNB alert 2.PNG
RTNB alert 1.PNG

Why do I trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an emerging market for people that are interested in the idea of "finance," or  "money."  Right now, it's currently the market for digital money.  As the internet has been placed at a center point in our lives, there must be one currency that is interchangeable globally.  Everyone is interested in making money, but to what degree?  In money making culture, it's been proven that those who can adapt and move outwards of their comfort zone are able to spot better financial investments than the rest, at earlier and much better prices.  In order to start "10-bagging" your investments (making 1000% or more),  you must find investments before 95% of people that are eventually going to invest in that security, become invested.  

Cryptocurrency is one of the markets in which I believe I was able to find before 95% of current investors.  With more investors coming in, I believe I'll have been in the top 1% of initial investors in the blockchain technology.  What people currently don't understand is that what we are investing in, isn't just "bitcoin," but the blockchain technology, which is the decentralization of all things online that pertain to money exchange.  We're not seeing a pump and dump anymore ladies and gentlemen.  I think, this is a paradigm shift.  As the top 10% smartest in the world continue to push this technology, with freedom at stake, the public will eventually follow.  It's just a matter of time now, in terms of adoption.  The ultimate reason I invest in Crypto-currency is because most of the "dumb-money" is there now.  Amateurs who have no idea what they're doing with their money, in a less algo-infested space, with more flexible hours than the US markets.  

When Crypto Goes Mainstream +120% on QTUM

When the price of a security you invest in goes upwards 166% from your entry in less than 3 weeks, you just can't help but to share the news.  Quantum was an investment that our Analyst, Kevin, alerted this pick as a buy in our chat room for those who are interested in Crypto-Currency Investing.  Kevin only alerts longterm plays ever so often, and he is currently 6/6 for plays in 2017., including a buy on Bitcoin in 2015 @ $265.
You can check out the asset QTUM (Quantum @ )

We'll be seeing much more plays relating to cryptocurrency.  In fact, Enhanced Investor plans to pivot heavily towards the Crypto sector as much of the money making opportunities seem to be found there.


35.1CNY was the low, but our alert occured at around 40CNY before shortly running up to 110CNY on liquid volume.  I still expect upside past this

QTUM Price

$AEZS +229% Profit Potential for the team!

If you are interested in learning how I made my AEZS call - join our 
chat and receive 1 month of access to my mentorship group starting August

+229% on AEZS

Here's proof that our team wins.  Over 20 users posted their gains in the #winningtrades channel, that excludes the ones that haven't. 

  Over 4 users posted their robinhood account screenshots showing gains of 40% or more!

Over 4 users posted their robinhood account screenshots showing gains of 40% or more!

Over the month of July I consistently preached to our traders that $AEZS would eventually pop to $1.5+, allowing a minimum of 50% profit potential to our users.   Little did we know, momentum kicked this trade up to $3.20+, giving a whopping 229% profit potential to our traders.  Below I've attatched just a few of the several dozen happy traders in our #winningtrades-channel

Many may have profited on this move, but being in from sub $1 as our team has, is truly maximizing our profit and minimizing our level of risk.


After an entire month of patience, things finally paid dividends as you can see in the chart below.  From our $1.00 average, price spikes to $3.28 with potential for ANOTHER 3rd day run.  

Stock Day Review

Look at how many people won on AEZS today!

CAPR & AEZS - resulting in massive gains for the team!

Yet another crazy trading day in the momentum markets, all starting with our scanners being able to detect bullish activity on $CAPR in the premarket.  Our traders were all over this one!  From the open @ $1 to the move to $1.62 highs within an hour from the open!  Our scanner luckily was able to grab a buy alert (available for elite golds)  [email protected] $0.9667 on our company "breaking out on volume TI-Pro Scanner".

As shown below we have numerous members Elite and above posting their winnings on $CAPR - man does it help to have a team that's on top of the correct play!

                          Happy Traders! ^

                         Happy Traders! ^

Next we have a swing trade that we engaged in for over 6 weeks which ended up yielding us a hefty 50% gain.  If you were in our chat and actively paying attention to what swings I've been preaching, AEZS has been on my heavy swing list for some time now.  I've mentioned it multiple times a week and almost at the end of each day that I've been in the swing on this name.

I've started receiving TONS of direct messages receiving thanks on my call for AEZS, and guys, I just wanna say I'm glad to do it.  I was in for only $4K shares and was able to net $2K out of this trade - that's 4 years of Elite Gold on our special discount

So before you consider paying $4.5K - $5K for 1 year of Warrior Trading or Tim Sykes, ask yourself whether or not they will be delivering these kind of plays on NASDAQ equities right to your doorstep.  We firmly believe that our tools, and education platform provides more value to the everyday trader than these names.

 Just last thursday I had the chance to take 10% profit on AEZS.  I stuck with my plan and held for the larger 30%+ move as accumulation continued

Just last thursday I had the chance to take 10% profit on AEZS.  I stuck with my plan and held for the larger 30%+ move as accumulation continued

3 Trading Days after my decision to continue holding, the price spikes to $1.50 (50%) from $1.00 on a timely catalyst of FDA acceptance.  Coincidence?  I think not, the entire time accumulation had occured above the $1 mark.

Users enjoyed seeing the 50% gain on AEZS

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