6/7/17 Student Requested Ticker Analysis

MACK on watch for a reversal. Might see another red day but looks like sideways support is starting to form. $1.41 is very low relative to previous prices over the past 6 months

PED Very low volume but we saw a small upburst in such volume just yesterday. Starting to form a floor around $0.65 on it's low float, might be a decent swing from this price as support has been found

SQ most of the upside already realized but I see more potential here. Direct competittor to SHOP which has performed very strongly for LT buyers

ROX would only play from $2.20+ for a small scalp due to how high up on it's trend it is

BPMX thickly traded name but float very high, and given recent sell off's I wouldn't expect too much upside here

BIOS I'm bullish if it makes that break past $2.20 - $2.30 resistance. Current major level to watch for

SPI chinese pump and dump - looks like the hype here is done. I expect downside over next 2 weeks

AUPH How strongly do you believe in their product? Because if you're ready to bail now, you don't believe strong enough. I would only be interested in longing this on oversold levels tbh, not interested in chasign or buying the sideways action

RPRX hitting extreme lows. Looks like shorts are ready to cover at these prices, if not greedy. I really like the $0.40 base and will be watching it I'm expecting a potential squeeze as it's also on our squeeze script scan for elite gold members

MYSZ just picking up action today, I'd like to see it base above $2.00 for continuation, if not I'd like to dump it on the $2.00 rejection. Only 1.2M in volume

CLSN bearish

HTGM bearish 1-2 weeks

MZOR I'm bearish. The overall chart looks like it's ready to take profits. $37 breakdown will be a huge sell signal

PRKR I'm seeing sideways action. Has potential to run as it's done so in the past but I would set a price alert for $2.4 and only play the break of $2.4

BPTH higher lows over the past 4 days. I'm bullish if we get over $0.40, but might be smart not to chase into this one - slow mover

VMW I can see going up over the next 2-3 days an recovering. It had a 52 week high rejection but might make new highs soon

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