Simple Moving Average Strategy

This is the 9,18,50 Simple Moving Averages (SMA). If you listen in voice chat you may hear me sometimes saying I'm watching for a bounce off the 9sma or the 9sma crossed the 18sma and they're both crossing the 50sma. Im going to use the same chart as before (CLNT). Lets say I missed my entry at the 4.75 break. When would I get in? I got in again at the $5 break. Every whole number is a psychological resistance and support level. Especially $5. I got in at 5.02 for the $5 break and rode it up to about 5.70s to take profit. As you can see in the chart around the $5.50 area it started to separate from the 9sma (light blue line). I use the 9sma as an RSI. More than the actual RSI. This may be weird however when the candlesticks get to far from the 9sma they will need to pullback soon. For instance if I missed both my 4.76 and my 5.01 entries I would be looking for pullback to the 9sma and a bounce to break the new high like it did around 10:04 am. CLNT took a pullback to the $6 which was after an unhalt and it bounced off the 9sma break the 6.7 high. For an exit I would have looked to get out before $7. Why? Because like i said before whole numbers are psychological resistances. As you see it didnt even touch $7 cause it failed. To quickly summarize the crossing. When the 9sma is above the 18sma its bullish and when the 9sma is starting to cross under the 18 its a bearish signal. Sorry for this being so long. I was just trying to explain every detail on why I use this. If you have any questions about this strategy or the breakout one send me a private message and I will be able to help. Don't be afraid to take profits. I see a lot of new trades being greedy and wanting more. I always say take piece of the pie not the whole thing.

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