Psychological support/resistance

I want to give a brief explanation on psychological support and resistance levels. They are basically whole number resistance points. For example, $1,$2,$3,$4,$5 etc. At first $1-$10 every whole number is a resistance level however once you start getting past the $10's the single whole numbers aren't a strong anymore. By that I mean $14 wouldn't be as strong of a resistance level as for instance $3. After the $10 its usually every $5. 15,20,25,30 and so on. However even though they aren't as strong I would still take them in account when looking for an entry. In 2 examples today SINO and CBMG they both got rejected off whole numbers. SINO got rejected off the $4 and CBMG got rejected off that $10. You can use whole numbers as breakout and breakdown points. I would watch to see if the ticker that I'm playing is close to a whole number support or resistance. For example, SINO, lets say you would looking for an entry at 3.85. I would only recommend holding to 3.97-3.99 because it could've of easily got rejected off the $4 like it did there. A rejection can cause panic selling which can lead to a crash. Thats why I personally get out before the whole number. In CBMG $10 is a huge psychological resistance that it got rejected off. One last thing I want to explain is how to play these breakouts. I play them the same way as the triangle breakouts. Usually 1-3 cents higher than the whole number. You don't want to be stuck in the situation when you get filled at the whole number and it crashes. If you got any questions just dm. See you guys tomorrow.

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