6/7/17 Student Requested Ticker Analysis

MACK on watch for a reversal. Might see another red day but looks like sideways support is starting to form. $1.41 is very low relative to previous prices over the past 6 months

PED Very low volume but we saw a small upburst in such volume just yesterday. Starting to form a floor around $0.65 on it's low float, might be a decent swing from this price as support has been found

SQ most of the upside already realized but I see more potential here. Direct competittor to SHOP which has performed very strongly for LT buyers

ROX would only play from $2.20+ for a small scalp due to how high up on it's trend it is

BPMX thickly traded name but float very high, and given recent sell off's I wouldn't expect too much upside here

BIOS I'm bullish if it makes that break past $2.20 - $2.30 resistance. Current major level to watch for

SPI chinese pump and dump - looks like the hype here is done. I expect downside over next 2 weeks

AUPH How strongly do you believe in their product? Because if you're ready to bail now, you don't believe strong enough. I would only be interested in longing this on oversold levels tbh, not interested in chasign or buying the sideways action

RPRX hitting extreme lows. Looks like shorts are ready to cover at these prices, if not greedy. I really like the $0.40 base and will be watching it I'm expecting a potential squeeze as it's also on our squeeze script scan for elite gold members

MYSZ just picking up action today, I'd like to see it base above $2.00 for continuation, if not I'd like to dump it on the $2.00 rejection. Only 1.2M in volume

CLSN bearish

HTGM bearish 1-2 weeks

MZOR I'm bearish. The overall chart looks like it's ready to take profits. $37 breakdown will be a huge sell signal

PRKR I'm seeing sideways action. Has potential to run as it's done so in the past but I would set a price alert for $2.4 and only play the break of $2.4

BPTH higher lows over the past 4 days. I'm bullish if we get over $0.40, but might be smart not to chase into this one - slow mover

VMW I can see going up over the next 2-3 days an recovering. It had a 52 week high rejection but might make new highs soon


Ticker: GLYC

Time Frame: 5min

Whats up guys, today I want to go over shorting. First off what is shorting? Many people are confused on what shorting actually is. To simplify it, shorting is when you "borrow" shares from your broker by selling them and then later on you have to buy them which is called "cover". The difference is your profit. When you're shorting a stock you are betting that it will go down. An example would be "I'm short at $4.90 for 1k shares" and "I covered at $4.70". That means I sold 1k shares at $4.90 and then you bought 1k shares at $4.70. Your profit would be $0.20 per share. Some traders might get confused on the difference between shorting and selling your long position. When you short something you have a negative amount of shares. If you go long for 2k shares and you sell those 2k shares you have 0 shares left after you sold everything. But when you short you don't have a long position. If you went short 2k shares you would be negative 2k shares. Then you would "cover" them by buying 2k shares, which would would mean you have 0 shares left. Hopefully that made some sense. Some technicals that I use are the 9/18/50 smas, regular and psychological support/resistance levels, and vwap. A bearish indication would be if the 9 crossed under the 18 and it went under vwap. Also if a ticker can't hold a support level its a good bearish indication. If it gets rejected off a resistance level that is a good indication however its more risky because it can retest the resistance and break it next time. In GLYC today a great short would have been under $16. The 9 crossed under the 18 on the 5min. The $16 psychological support didn't hold. It also fell under vwap. Volume and momentum died down. If you guys have any questions let me know. Be careful shorting because it is more riskier than going long. However its good to know how to short on bloody market days.


Triangle Breakouts

What's up everyone, today I want to talk a little about ascending triangle breakouts and how to play them. Two plays that I used this pattern on today were SGMO and GSAT. I want to start off by explaining what a triangle breakout is. Its pretty simple, a triangle breakout consists of 2 things (A resistance line) and (Higher Lows). If you look at the SGMO chart below you will see that the resistance point was at $7.75 and it was making higher lows. I alerted at 10:30 this morning that an ascending triangle was forming and that I was looking for a breakout past that resistance. The perfect entry point would be 1-3 cents above the resistance line just like in the other strategy I posted previously. It broke out nicely and rode up all the way to 8.54 almost $0.80 per share profit potential. I was watching for a bounce off the 9sma however a reversal was alerted and it cracked under. The 9sma crossed the 18sma later on. The next chart GSAT also had a nice breakout however this one dint breakout as strong as SGMO did however it still followed the pattern. Resistance was at $2.40. GSAT was slowly grinding along the 9sma until it hit high of $2.59. A good entry would be at 2.41 a cent above that resistance. Even though its only about $0.20 per share profit (Profit is Profit) and is always better than a loss. I want to remind you guys that never have an order ready exactly at the resistance line because it might get rejected. Also dont try to get in a couple of cents before a breakout cause it moght get rejected and it will turn into a loss. Its better off getting in a little higher to take a smaller risk. If you have any questions just dm me and I will be sure to answer them. Also let me know if you like how I put the writing on the chart. Catch you guys next week.


U-Breakout Strategy

Hello Team, I want to share a strategy that I use pretty often especially recently with the way the market has been. PM runners are always on watch for market open. What I've been recently seeing is a stock jumps at open in the first minute and comes crashing back down unitl it finds support and bounces which it then goes on to break that market open high. As you can see in the chart the green line shows the resistance at open. Instead of trying to find "the bottom" and hope you caught it the right time for a bounce play you can have an order ready slightly above that resistance ready to break that high. I usually have it about 1-3 cents above the resistance. I dont suggest putting it exactly at the resistance line because it might touch it and fail to breakout. Today for CLNT I had a limit order ready at 4.76 which was filled for the break and the strategy worked perfectly. This is a less riskier strategy that I use to profit consistently. Even though you get in higher it is more secure because you know a reversal is occuring. Remember to secure profits and hopefully this helps. Please use this strategy at your own risk.

Psychological support/resistance

I want to give a brief explanation on psychological support and resistance levels. They are basically whole number resistance points. For example, $1,$2,$3,$4,$5 etc. At first $1-$10 every whole number is a resistance level however once you start getting past the $10's the single whole numbers aren't a strong anymore. By that I mean $14 wouldn't be as strong of a resistance level as for instance $3. After the $10 its usually every $5. 15,20,25,30 and so on. However even though they aren't as strong I would still take them in account when looking for an entry. In 2 examples today SINO and CBMG they both got rejected off whole numbers. SINO got rejected off the $4 and CBMG got rejected off that $10. You can use whole numbers as breakout and breakdown points. I would watch to see if the ticker that I'm playing is close to a whole number support or resistance. For example, SINO, lets say you would looking for an entry at 3.85. I would only recommend holding to 3.97-3.99 because it could've of easily got rejected off the $4 like it did there. A rejection can cause panic selling which can lead to a crash. Thats why I personally get out before the whole number. In CBMG $10 is a huge psychological resistance that it got rejected off. One last thing I want to explain is how to play these breakouts. I play them the same way as the triangle breakouts. Usually 1-3 cents higher than the whole number. You don't want to be stuck in the situation when you get filled at the whole number and it crashes. If you got any questions just dm. See you guys tomorrow.

Intraday support/resistance

Ticker: CETX

I want to go over on how to find support and resistance during intraday. Today's runner CETX had a perfect example on how support and resistance was used. A lot of the time resistance turns into support when it breaks that resistance. In this example the purple line is resistance and the green is support. CETX was holding that $4 support quiet well. If you guys remember from the previous post I talked about psychological support and resistance. $4 is a great psychological support level which caused it to hold. It finally broke that 4.25 resistance with a nice volume candle. About 15-20min later it bounced off that previous resistance which turned it into support. That bounce showed strength and pushed it to make a new high at 4.55. To find support watch were the stock bounces or holds a certain area multiple times and to find resistance watch to see where it gets rejected multiple times. If you have any questions or want to send me a chart to help you analyze feel free to do it. I'm always willing to help.

- Rob



U-Breakout, 9/18 sma

Ticker: GLYC

Time Frame: 5 minute

What's up guys, in today's post I want to go over the first 2 strategies that I posted a couple of days ago. After a bloody market day yesterday today we received a great supernova play. GLYC came out with positive news pre-market which caused it to make a 100% run today. At market open it ran to $8.65 and crashed. Less than an hour later volume increased and GLYC went for the resistance break. A perfect entry for the break would be 1-3 cents higher than the resistance line. On the 5min chart it was bouncing perfectly off the 9sma that was causing it to make new highs. The main reason other than news that caused it to run is the short squeeze. Many traders felt that this was going to be a pump and come down due to yesterday's red day however the shorts got squeezed. This allowed the momentum to continue. There were many opportunities to get in on multiple 9sma bounces. Hopefully you guys profited on this trade today. It was alerted by multiple members throughout the morning. Hopefully some of you even used my strategies to bank of this play. If you have any questions on how to use the strategies then send me a private message.



MNKD MTBC looks like the two momentum movers of today.  MNKD this one shouldn't have came as a surprise to us, with it's dip right into $1.20 support from yesterday's resistance before taking off to highs of $1.88.

Many opportunities to have scalped and traded these movers. Remember to tune into the voice chat in the pre-market to ensure you aren't missing these booming movers!

We had a slow afternoon for momentum plays but MTBC was the the play out of open. Potential of $1.61 a share from the entry/exit script alerts!

Simple Moving Average Strategy

This is the 9,18,50 Simple Moving Averages (SMA). If you listen in voice chat you may hear me sometimes saying I'm watching for a bounce off the 9sma or the 9sma crossed the 18sma and they're both crossing the 50sma. Im going to use the same chart as before (CLNT). Lets say I missed my entry at the 4.75 break. When would I get in? I got in again at the $5 break. Every whole number is a psychological resistance and support level. Especially $5. I got in at 5.02 for the $5 break and rode it up to about 5.70s to take profit. As you can see in the chart around the $5.50 area it started to separate from the 9sma (light blue line). I use the 9sma as an RSI. More than the actual RSI. This may be weird however when the candlesticks get to far from the 9sma they will need to pullback soon. For instance if I missed both my 4.76 and my 5.01 entries I would be looking for pullback to the 9sma and a bounce to break the new high like it did around 10:04 am. CLNT took a pullback to the $6 which was after an unhalt and it bounced off the 9sma break the 6.7 high. For an exit I would have looked to get out before $7. Why? Because like i said before whole numbers are psychological resistances. As you see it didnt even touch $7 cause it failed. To quickly summarize the crossing. When the 9sma is above the 18sma its bullish and when the 9sma is starting to cross under the 18 its a bearish signal. Sorry for this being so long. I was just trying to explain every detail on why I use this. If you have any questions about this strategy or the breakout one send me a private message and I will be able to help. Don't be afraid to take profits. I see a lot of new trades being greedy and wanting more. I always say take piece of the pie not the whole thing.


$INPX We advised there was strong resistance near the previous HOD, and that a re-test was possible provided we saw a volume spike, which is exactly what happened. $2.75 the volume came in strong and consistent for a push to a new high of day at $3.19. Up to $3.88 from that mention $0.80/share profit potential!

Wait for the break of resistance. Don't chase!

Shift in Strategy

Markets seem to be changing and are going against the favor of the momentum bull. Every 3-4 months, a trader needs to shift their strategies to start trading in tandem with the markets.  What I see now as a fitting strategy would be to swing short on momentum spikes that you do not deem strong enough to hold, or buying off of flat support levels and waiting for the momentum rather than chasing and finding that momentum isn't lasting.

NADL Recap

4/11 Monster reversal off of lows, small cap oil stock:  $NADL  The movement didn't begin until approximately 8:10AM - 8:15AM.  Slow and steady, our room caught wind of it and the news @  8:30 - 8:32AM.  Special thanks to our extended hour creeper @Adam (AH Creeper) for the mention in our main chat.  Obviously questionable potential due to the low float / highs pread in the early premarket, but as soon as the buyers picked up wind of the news and volume increased, the profit takers couldn't hold this down and this stock ran to $2.87 right at open before dipping to $1.80 for a break on $3's in the regular hour trading period.

CLNT Recap

8-k snapshot on the SEC filing that moved CLNT

CLNT was today's low float mover after a reverse split a few weeks ago. Float size decreased to a mere 880k shares. On this news, the stock ran more than 100%+ from an intraday low of $2.82 to a high of $7.90 in after-hours. We were able to catch this stock relatively early based on the news but more importantly, confirmation by price action.

Our custom ToS indicators showed a strong move up at about $3.00. Getting in early is so important because it gives you more room to let the stock run with less fear of a drawdown. The situation would be completely different if you were to enter at $6 after it has exhausted most of the upwards momentum.

Take a look at our Indicators In Action blog section for how early we our scanner caught this!

Don't Be A Bagholder

Don't follow anyone into trades blindly.  Even the best traders can be wrong 20-40% of the time. The key is to find agreement with someone who you believe to be reputable to even higher your chances of success.  If a stock happens to go into the red, please have a plan for it.  The plan should not be holding the bag. Remember to always have a price level in which you must dump the security to ensure you're not a bagholder.

CYCC Recap

4/04 Multi-Day Mover, Low Float: $CYCC
First mention was yesterday in the premarket by @baysiide (Scripts).  I decided $5.57 was good enough for an entry on consolidation.  For traders who took notification and held overnight could have had a potential of $5.33/share.  My job here is to alert of stocks that could potentially rise and notify you of my own entries and exits, however, most of the time there will be a more optimal way to trade the trade.  This is exactly why we stress the importance of determining your own entries and exits.  Someone who tends to hold too long on a losing stock could have ended up holding too long on CYCC, locking in more gains - entries and exits should always be determined by yourselves, using other traders here as an idea generator on potential points to get in / out.

AKTX Recap

3/31 Buy Off Whole Number Consolidation, Low Float, News: $AKTX
Came to the market late and took notice of AKTX, saw that I might have been late considering it'd already gapped up and spiked once after consolidating at open.  Saw the hold above $9's and solid support on level 2 on that area so I got in with 2K shares calculating a $0.13 risk for myself, risking only $260.  Having ran up to $10.44 where I exited, I was able to lock in $1.31/share on 2K shares risking only $0.13/share.  Risk/Reward is what will make you a winning trader in the long run

CBIO Recap

Low Float Supernova: $CBIO

Scanned and listed as a potential play in the premarket, our teammate @FanaticsX was one of the first in our chat to alert a buy with confidence @ $7.40.  Taking a look at the daily chart, and seeing the amount of volume going into this play, I knew that there was a larger entity pushing the move.  Major resistance levels were breaking and turning into support.  This kind of play goes to show why you shouldn't just look for "stocks that are cheap."  The goal in the end is the % gains you can reap.  RXII was a cheaper stock today, but it obviously just wasn't moving the same way as CBIO.  If you'd analyzed and watched the price action @ $9.00's, you'd have known it was a definite buy.  Hence why I alerted an entry on this at the open with no hesitation at all

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