Lifetime Elite Gold @ $799.  One Time Offer Before Migrating to the Enhanced Investor 2.0 Platform

If you are here it's because you have been chosen to become apart of the Elite Gold Lifetime Member Family.  Never pay for a subscription trading service again!  For the past 7 months, Enhanced Investor has been focusing on building a platform that will provide features which will eliminate the need for multiple chat rooms, alert services, or educational course purchases once and for all.

In essence, we will provide features that

Cover Stock Trading, Options Trading, Crypto Trading, and Futures.

- Reward users which make good contributions in the form of money and recognition

- Re-organize alerts and important trading information in a more efficient manner than Discord or Telegram

Provide built-in affiliate program and management settings for users of the platform which will provide monetary and advancement opportunities within the platform.

- Enforce the creation of content, scripts, indicators, and important tools that pertain to the success of a trader through monetary incentive.

- Give recognition to users that have been with Enhanced Investor for a long time.


Pay With Bitcoin Only
Send 0.11BTC to
Once sent, please email your full name and username to [email protected] to get your membership added to the database.




Let's recap over some of our Best Cryptocurrency Picks since Enhanced Investor Started.

These are real-time alerts, that were given at these exact price points with a BUY signal.

BTC @ $265 - Infamously known as Kevin's best call when we were all here as a Stock Trading Room. 
EOS @ $0.55 - 6 Months - Reached $12.46  (2165% Profit)
Quantum @ $6.12 - 4 Months - Reached $76.15 (1143% Profit)
Bitconnect @ $140 -  2 Months - Reached $461 (228% Profit)
TRON @ $0.002 - 3.5 Months - Reached $0.05 (2400% Profit)
Vertcoin @ $2.07 - 3 Months - Reached $10.14 (400% Profit)
200 Satoshis - 3 Months - Reached 900 Satoshis (450%)

Truth, is it's not about the play you pick. but the price in which you enter, which sets you up for success.  If you never see downside on your play, which is what we aim for, you realize the ultimate gains without ever panicking out.

An established trading strategy and plan that we develop and customize to your schedule and personality type.  We give you a questionnaire then utilize the information provided to bring you to a strong trading foundation

  Digital courses designed and taught by our own admins.

Digital courses designed and taught by our own admins.


Money from membership descriptions will fully support platform feature development to ensure we have the best trading platform ever to have been created.


What Else Do I Get?

Complete access to our indicator, script, and scanner setting arsenal. Our creations are made with hours and hours of effort to ensure high quality performance and results. We continue adding to these collections every month from qualified traders! Elite Gold members will receive access to these creations for life!


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