CLSN Including the pre market, there were a total of 5 GO signals on CLSN, and going from the first GO signal until the Finish signal we see a total of $2.20 per share with 3 scalps on one stock. The scripts can help you take advantage of every reversal!


"On Your Mark" and "Run For Your Life" have been incredibly useful in this confused momo market. The Heat Map (being released this weeked to Elite Golds) showed more than a hint of GSAT being oversold, combined with the reversal call at 2.12 and GO signal meant this one was clear for takeoff!!


MTBC Morning Momentum
From the watchlist, made a huge move out of the open on solid earnings. Congrats to any longs who traded this stock with us this morning. Don't forget to post in #winning-trades ! $2.60 open to a high of $3.84! That's $1.24/share potential profit. We were also watching this one through the entire premarket. 

Custom Script
Our custom "run for your life" script indicated a potential reversal to the upside at $2.23! These scripts are very accurate and should be taken advantage of for any elite gold members.

MNKD Slow grinder
From the watchlist, solid move today. Has been on watch by both Kevin and myself for a few days now, congradulations to any longs who profited on this move. We saw some strong resistance off the 50 day moving average on the daily chart, and a huge 500k 1 minute candle pushed us above to a new high of day @ $1.88 touching the bottom of the cloud also on the daily chart. Huge profit potential on this one guys!

Custom Script
Our custom "run for your life" script indicated a potential reversal to the upside at $1.18! That's $0.70/share profit, or 59.3%! Solid profit potential on this one today.


 I have been out today, but every mod could be out and you could still be making huge gains just by looking at the scripts. The script took its time to give full confirmation for CLNT this morning, but there was potential of over $2.00 per share from entry to exit. Elite Golds should be making use of the custom scripts!

Indicators Help

You'll all be pleased to know that resident ToS expert, baysiide, is helping us improve the script with some ideas of his regarding adding some kind of strength indicator (if possible) to the reversal bubble. It will most likely be color based so the color on the bubble could change rather than it disappearing. We are working with him to accomplish this to make the system even more full proof. 

On a side note, if you follow the rules to the indicator in its current form, you should see high level of accuracy.

Reversal Indicator - Works Well On Gold

One of the indicators available to our Elite Gold members is this price reversal indicator. It picks up potential points of direction reversal so you can "buy the dip" or "sell the rip." As shown here, it works on just about anything, from stocks to gold futures. Congratulations to everyone that was able to scalp entries and exits or held for that monster move at the end of the day.

CLNT - Getting In Before Everyone Else

CLNT was alerted as a buy from our entry/exit script (Available to Elite Golds) at $3.08 with multiple sell alerts @ $6.80+, more than $3.80+/share profit potential or 110% in 45 minutes on this play!

Just to give you an idea of the tools available for our Elite Gold members, here is our entry/exit script that analyzes technical indicators and presents entry/exits. As you can see, it was spot on here with CLNT calling an entry before the momentum arrived . It also identified profit taking levels just before we saw pullbacks. Look at that $7.90 exit right at the top.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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