Let's recap over some of our Best Cryptocurrency Picks since Enhanced Investor Started.

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These are real-time alerts, that were given at these exact price points with a BUY signal.

BTC @ $265 - Infamously known as Kevin's best call when we were all here as a Stock Trading Room. 
EOS @ $0.55 - 6 Months - Reached $12.46  (2165% Profit)
Quantum @ $6.12 - 4 Months - Reached $76.15 (1143% Profit)
Bitconnect @ $140 -  2 Months - Reached $461 (228% Profit)
TRON @ $0.002 - 3.5 Months - Reached $0.05 (2400% Profit)
Vertcoin @ $2.07 - 3 Months - Reached $10.14 (400% Profit)
200 Satoshis - 3 Months - Reached 900 Satoshis (450%)

Our Next Pick Will Be Announced on July 15th.

Truth, is it's not about the play you pick. but the price in which you enter, which sets you up for success.  If you never see downside on your play, which is what we aim for, you realize the ultimate gains without ever panicking out.

Our most recommended package for members is Elite Gold.  
Our Elite Gold membership includes:


* Cryptocurrency Real Time Momentum Picks & Longterm Investments.
* Access to Stocks, Options, and Futures guidance.
* Unlimited access to Enhanced Investor's live Market Voice Alerts
* Chatroom Access to all platforms increased access to news, events, and live alerts from Our analysts
* Daily Watchlists
* Fully moderated channels for Stocks, Crypto, Options, Futures, Forex, Entry & Exit Alerts
* Exclusive Chat Username Color, a unique username color in our chatrooms
* Lifetime Webinar Pass
* Premium Indicators, Scanners & Scripts
 (Utilize our custom indicators, scanners, and scripts that we have refined over years of battling the market - specifically designed for application on Think or Swim, Etrade Pro, Trade-Ideas, and Finviz)

An established trading strategy and plan that we develop and customize to your schedule and personality type.  We give you a questionnaire then utilize the information provided to bring you to a strong trading foundation

  Digital courses designed and taught by our own admins.

Digital courses designed and taught by our own admins.

A word advice from the founder, Kevin:

Certain market traps and set-ups that are meant to fool you into losing money are played out over and over again in the market.  Don't be the amateur that has to use his own money learning the lessons of the market, learn experienced professionals and mentors that have already succeeded in doing what you want to do.  It's a simple investment that will leave you more confident and knowledgeable in the end.

Don't miss our next pick!  We are currently 9/9 on longterm picks and cannot wait to release our best picks for 2018!


Money from membership descriptions will fully support platform feature development to ensure we have the best trading platform ever to have been created.