The Enhanced Investor Fundamentals


I hope you all are able to attend our latest edition of the Enhanced Investor Educational Webinar Series, the Enhanced Investor Fundamentals. This series is designed for and with the new trader in mind, taking you from a place of little to no knowledge and equipping you with the tools and information to become a self sufficient & consistently profitable trader.

Check out an overview of the series below

Brokers, Account Types & Trading Styles

In this session we will start from the ground up, covering various forms of trading and discuss how each person has to decide for themselves what style of trader they plan to be. Do you want to be a momentum trader? Longterm investor? Futures trader? This is also something to consider when selecting a broker which we will be covering as well. We will wrap it up by covering the two main style of broker accounts - Cash & Margin.

Indicators, Level 2 & Charting

As I’m sure you already know, there are an overwhelming number of technical indicators available for use when it comes to charting. In this session we will discuss why often too many indicators is counterproductive, often referred to as analysis paralysis. Most commonly used and recommended indicators will be discussed in detail with real and recent charting examples from the current marketplace. We will wrap it up by touching on Level 2 quotes and how they can be used to your advantage when trading in the marketplace.

Candlesticks, Chart Patterns & Interpretations

In this session we will start with the basics of candlestick reading and move onto various commonly seen candlestick patterns. In addition chart patterns & interpretations will be covered with supporting charting examples. We will be covering patterns such as pennants & flags, consolidation patterns, breakout patterns & more. These are tools and skills you will need regardless of the style of trading you plan to do.

Timeframe Evaluations & Moving Averages

Shorterm trend? Longterm trend? 5 minute, 15 minute, 30 minute? What does it all mean? Here we will be going into the art of timeframe evaluations, and covering how analyzing different timeframes is key when it comes to successful trading. In addition we will analyze various moving averages and learn how they can be used to identify areas of support & resistance as well as indicate breakout potential or patterns.

Trendlines, Support & Resistance

Here we will dive further into the world of charting, taking a look at how you can be identifying and using trendlines & trend strengths to your advantage. We will also take a look how to identify and use support & resistance points to help improve overall accuracy while trading. Levels of historic support & resistance are often overlooked by many new traders and can be a fantastic resource when determining the potential for continuation on any given stock.

The Catalyst & The Supernova - Momentum

DRYS, ETRM, CBIO, HTGM, GLYC, AKTX... You’ve heard the names, here we cover just what makes them tick. Momentum trading is clearly one of our most favorite forms of trading, and allows us the opportunity to make additional income and perhaps even earn a living in as little as one hour of trading per day.

Risk Management, Trading Metrics & Trader Psychology

At the end of the day, trading all comes down to managing risks, here we will discuss how you can master the art of risk management. Also, In an effort to improve our trading and identify our strengths and weaknesses we will discuss how tracking your trading metrics can improve your overall accuracy and success. We will wrap it up discussing the various trading mentalities and how they can impact your success in the marketplace.

The Conclusion - Putting it all together

We will conclude the series by putting everything we have learned together. We will also discuss examples together and evaluate the current market conditions! In addition we will have an extended Q&A session where students will have the ability to continue dialoguing and ask questions.

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