Watchlist 9/14/17


Technical -  Float is 14.88M.  15-minutes chart shows the price bouncing off the Ichimoku green cloud.  This could lead to a retest of $7.30 from Tuesday's trading.  Volume continues to be very high.  Almost 6 x the EMA(50) volume. Note that during the same time last year, the price surged to $8.19.

News - The company reported positive results from the clinical trial of its Phase 2a of ADX-102 for patients with dry eye disease.  There have been two positive estimate revisions in the past few months, while its Zacks Consensus Estimate for the current quarter has also moved higher over the past few months, suggesting that more solid trading could be ahead. Keep on your watchlist as it may turn out to be a longer term hold if this recent jump can turn into more strength down the road.



Technical - Float is a tiny 4.52M.  So it will move fast,  A beautiful Flag pattern has formed.  Setting up another potential breakout very soon.  All my technical indicators have just turned up.  My PT is $1.72.

News - In a move to diversify the company's offering beyond its current appliance recycling and retail capabilities, ARCI announced today that it has acquired GeoTraq, a manufacturer of what is widely regarded as the world's smallest cellular tracking module designed specifically for the Internet of Things market. 



Technical - Float of 102.17M.  Nice uptrending channel with a potential breakout neat $17.50 IMO.  Note that MACD crossed over on Wednesday.  For what its worth, the sentiment on ST is 100% bullish.

News - Most recent news on September 5th was indicating price dropped below the 50 SMA.  IMO, most of the retail traders were shaken out under the 50 SMA and now the price is once again topped this line.  



Technical - The market cap for this OTC company is $15B.  Not only is the Daily chart showing a nice uptrending channel, but MACD crossed over on Wednesday.  My PT is $4.00. 



Technical - Float is 25.85MStock has been consolidating since June and broke out strongly on Wednesday with 6 x the EMA(50) volume easily surpassing resistance.  It looks like an extended flag pattern.  

News - The stock rocketed to an all-time high Wednesday after announcing it will present data from a Phase 1 trial in lung, thyroid, colon and solid-tumor cancers during a conference next month.  Trial results of two patients with lung cancer will be presented during a meeting of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer to be held Oct. 15-18 in Japan

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