For 10/18/2016


Has been the winner on intra-day activity, might have relations to the CBD aspect of it's name.  Focusing on CBD would correct in the Marjiuana market if looking for long term investors.  The medicinal effects are highly important in this industry when trying to expose yourself to a broader market as an OTC                    
Current Support:    $7.55    Current Resistance    $8.00        


Saw a reversal today with a strong close on volume - expecting a high success rate scalp for 10-20 cents from the open tomorrow.  Lower risk, lower reward, but it doesn't hurt to play things safe in the current market                    
Current Support:    $4.40    Current Resistance    $4.50        


On news.                
Current Support:    $4.15    Current Resistance    $4.33        


Monday alert for the swing @ $2.05 - can't catch every bottom but they key to success is getting in before the heard recognizes the good chart pattern / solid support.  Manipulative offers getting removed and taken out today, Theoretically could easily see $3's within a 2-3 day time frame                    

Current Support:    $2.38    Current Resistance    $2.59        


Alerted since $0.93 at the open, but the $1.04 break was a confirmed entry on high vol due to the multiday break above that major level of $1.04 resistance.  Has some catalyst rumors behind releasing good news soon - should drive price with the audience showing strength above $1                    

Current Support:    $1.05    Current Resistance    $1.10        


The bearish article on seeking alpha may have seemed to catalyzed an overreaction but after going through the fine print, it seems that the researcher has some damning evidence on his thesis.  If true, this company could be going into the OTC markets eventually.   Still should see a retracement before anything is confirmed by the SEC                                           
Current Support:    $11.50    Current Resistance    $12.00        


Confirmed a bottom at the $6.90 - $7.00 range - still considerably oversold, but these movements on failed FDA approvals or drug trials can warrant volatility.  Play it safe by always having a mental stop at the minimum and keeping an eye out for top heavy action on level 2                    
Current Support:    $7.50    Current Resistance    $7.60        


Highest volume day in the past year, if strength holds above $8 could continue - trading pretty thin so get in off the bid.  Not recommended to chase an entry at open it could top out and fade, leaving entry's to hold the bag.  I'd look for support here and wait and see how price action occurs down in the $7.80's                    
Current Support:    $7.80    Current Resistance    $8.10    

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