For 10/17/2016

INVT - Daily chart starting to look prime.  Really liking the balance out on support around $0.75, watch closely for volume - a reversal could potentially be inbound.  I'd like to get in at open with a tight stop under $0.72 to give myself some room in case there's volatility.  A break under would mean the bottom has not been confirmed                    
Current Support:    $0.75    Current Resistance    $0.80        

WGBS - Longer term swing play that could potentially bottom this week.  Look to get in at the channel bottom around $0.85 support.  I have my stop set tight @ $0.83 for the swing.  This play is based off of insider buys on a small cap stock that has been traded thickly in the past BEFORE it reaches the technical scanners of those in our trading space                    
Current Support:        Current Resistance    $0.92
CTXR - Another - "under the radar" pick of mine.  I've been studying the daily chart channel for some time now and it seems as though $0.65 is the bottom of that channel whilst $0.8 and then $0.9 seems to be resistance.  I'll be watching for fundamental changes as well as technical volume                    
Current Support:    $0.65    Current Resistance    $0.80 / $0.85        

XGTI - I'm looking for a hold on $0.45 followed by a break on $0.466 for this trade.  Resistance double topped around that area but I'm looking to see a break as volume has been strong from Thursday into Friday - XGTI trades in volume clusters so I'm expecting momentum to pick up and break                    
Current Support:    $0.43    Current Resistance    $0.47        

MGT - Wouldn't be watching this if the hype didn't pick back up recently.  I've got my eyes on the 17m volume that occured into Friday - Having gone down to $2.4 support which was previously resistance on last Wednesday's trading.  Thickly traded name so anything could happen if $2.5 turns into hard support                    
Current Support:    $2.40    Current Resistance    $2.55        

CANN - Not too overly confident about an immediate position but when this picks up action again, it'll make 30-40 cent strides that will be profitable.  The key here is to try and stay cash most of the time, and going in only when there's absolute momentum.                    
Current Support:    $3.00    Current Resistance    $3.20
CTRV - Watch for this to retrace to $2 and then break.  Must see a strong break on $2 in order to remain a play - if we top out again with a heavy rejection this is most likely a dud, be weary here.                    
Current Support:    $1.90    Current Resistance: $2.00
AUPH - l'm still searching for a bottom on this one - hopefully we double bottom around $4.00 then continue to rally forward on the upside - the hype remains on this one for day traders / swing traders                    
Current Support:    $4.07 - $4.08    Current Resistance    $4.20 / $4.29

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