Enhanced Investor Team Stock Chat Rules ©

With over 1000 members and growing in our professional trading platform, we will have a ZERO off topic conversation tolerance policy.  Rules will keep trading information pertaining to the day very organized and much more structured towards usability.

Stay On Topic
This room will be dedicated to only providing information on stocks.  Let’s keep our messages relevant to the current trading day on liquid, high momentum stocks.  If you’re spotting potential, or occurring momentum, you may announce this in the room.  Announcing with other information such as price movements, or indicators (more described below), is of our choice.  We have a few rules set for this room of the chat, as it is our main, information providing room.

Sharing Losses
Not only does this provide zero information or help to other users, it's simply a cry for attention from those around you.  If you're truly interested in gaining insight on your loss to better yourself as a trader, you may use the #lossanalysis Channel and give others either a picture of the trade or a detailed explanation of how the trade went down

Exit Calls
If you didn't call the opening trade in real time, do not post an exit or gloat about a "270%" win claiming an entry from 2 weeks ago.  Let's be transparent with our trades and call them in real-time like an honest, self-aware trader.

Stay Grounded
Drop your ego at the door when you’re in this chat.  Please show respect to all members of the community. Condescending or verbally abusive messages will not be tolerated here!

No Pumping Stocks
Do not pump unwanted stocks here!  Our professionals are smart enough to identify a completely illiquid, propped up stock, from one that is liquid and tradeable. No illiquid, high spread stocks, pumpers will be banned instantly!

All tickers may be represented with or without the $ sign in front, but must all be typed in CAPITAL letters.

Send all questions via direct message to the administrator, or the #questions channel.  We will not be tolerating any inquiries in a room dedicated presenting information.

Examples of Useful Information

Indicator Movements - High RSI's, Low RSI, Ichimoku Cloud Movements, DMA EMA SMA, etc

"$STOCK has just broke the 50DMA, now riding the 9 SMA."

Crossovers - movement in price that surpasses a certain resistance or support from an indicator.  

"$STOCK has just crossed above the VWAP."

Price Action - Certain price movements can indicate a reversal or high momentum.  Experienced traders use this in tandem with Level 2 to ensure full detailed knowledge on orders being executed

"$STOCK opened at $10 and dumped to $5.72, now at $6.05, could be a reversal in play!"


"$STOCK just broke $5's keep on watch, volume spiking."

Volume Movements - Sharing a stock’s increase in volume is important for noting momentum or potential momentum.

"$STOCK has just spiked in volume, volume has been trending dead the entire day, might be an interesting look."

Chart Patterns - Chart patterns allow us to identify stocks with low risk, once the trend breaks, we take the loss and continue the trade accordingly, determining if we'd like to go short, long, or re-enter a trade

"$STOCK has just formed a Bullish Harami on the daily chart, swing trade prospect for tomorrow."

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